Celebrating Youthful Curiosity and Discovery Through Books and Reading


39. Best Book Series – Picture Book

GOLD: EQ Explorers Little Adventures, by Kim Linette; illustrated by James Loram (Kapalua Cove)




SILVER: Live Big Series, by Kat Kronenberg (Greenleaf Book Group Press)



BRONZE: Jazz Fly 1, 2 & 3, written and performed by Matthew Gollub; illustrated by Karen Hanke (Tortuga Press)


40. Best Book Series – Chapter Book

GOLD: Witches of Orkney Series, by Alane Adams (SparkPress)

SILVER: The Bald Princess Series, by Rachel Rose Gray and Tricia O'Neill Politte; illustrated by Kim Sponaugle (Halo Publishing International)

BRONZE (tie): Guinevere Trilogy, by Cheryl Carpinello (Beyond Today Educator)

Helper Hounds Series, by Caryn Rivadeneira; illustrated by Priscilla Alpaugh (Red Chair Press)




41. Best Book Series – Non-Fiction

GOLD: Gold Medal Games, by Aaron Derr; Illustrated by Thomas Sperling (Red Chair Press)

SILVER: Iceland: The Puffin Explorer Series, text and photography by RA Anderson  (My Favorite Books Publishing Company)

BRONZE: K.C. & Kayla's Science Corner, by Carol Basdeo; illustrated by Romualdo Mena Jr. (Mindstir Media)










E1. Children’s Picture Book 

GOLD: Theodore and The Bear from London, by Cory Q Tan (The Luminous Cat)

SILVER: Lundi the Lost Puffin, by Eric Newman (Iceland With Kids)

BRONZE: The Last Christmas Tree, by Deborah Hoffman (Mascot Books)


E2. Picture Book – Enhanced & Apps

GOLD: Language Adventures: A Funny Day at the Zoo, by Michelle Glorieux (TA-DA! Language Productions)

SILVER: G is for Gael, by Shelayne Hanson; illustrated by Etta Moffat (Bradan Press)

BRONZE: But the Sparrow Stayed, by Norman Whaler (Beneath Another Sky Books)


E3. Pre-Teen Fiction 

GOLD: Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy, by Ruthy Ballard (WhipSmart Books)

SILVER: The Trebors, by Caroline C. Barney  (TouchPoint Press)








The Weaver's Daughter, by Sylvia Patience  (Self-Published)








E4. Young Adult Fiction 

GOLD: Dragonfly Maid, by DD Croix (Self-Published)


SILVER: How the Deer Moon Hungers, by Susan Wingate  (Susan Wingate Writing)








BRONZE (tie):
Spirit Sight, by Marie Powell  (Wood Dragon Books)

The Heart Changer: Only He Could Set a Captive Free, by Jarm Del Boccio (Ambassador International)