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Winners 2007

1. Board Book

  • Gold: If You Were My Baby: A Wildlife Lullaby, by Fran Hodgkins; illustrated by Laura J. Bryant (Dawn Publications)
  • Silver: What’s That Sound? By the Sea, by Sheryl McFarlane; illustrated by Kim LaFave (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
  • Bronze: My Alaska Animals - Can You Name Them? by Bernd and Susan Richter (Saddle Pal Creations); Colorful Sleepy Sheep, by Rory Zuckerman; illustrated by Maryn Roos (Little Lion Press)

2. Alphabet/Counting Book

  • Gold: A Woodland Counting Book, by Claudia McGehee (University of Iowa Press)
  • Silver: P is for Peanut: A Photographic A-B-C, by Lisa Gelber & Jody Roberts (Getty Publications)
  • Bronze: T is for Tortilla: A Southwestern Alphabet Book, by Jody Alpers; illustrated by Celeste Johnson (Azro Press); ABC Safari, by Karen Lee (Sylvan Dell Publishing)
Winners 2007

3. Pop-up/Cut-out

  • Gold: Halloween at the Zoo: A Pop-Up Trick-or-Treat Experience, illustrated by Jason O’Malley; engineered by Bruce Foster (Jumping Jack Press)
  • Silver: City Beats: A Hip-Hoppy Pigeon Poem, by S. Kelly Rammell; illustrated by Jeanette Canyon (Dawn Publications)
  • Bronze: The Grumble Rumble Mumbler, by Melanie Drewery; illustrated and designed by Loudmouth Productions (Huia Publishers); I See You! by Nicole Hartz; illustrated by Milena Robbins (Soothing Hartz)

4. Activity Book – Games, Arts & Crafts, Educational, etc.

  • Gold: Gadgetology: Kitchen Fun with Your Kids, by Pam Abrams; photographs by Melissa Punch (The Harvard Common Press)
  • Silver: Explore Spring: 25 Great Ways to Learn About Spring, by Maxine Anderson; illustrated by Alexis Frederick-Frost (Nomad Press)
  • Bronze: Language Smarts – Level C, by Judy Wilson Goddard; graphic design by Danielle West (The Critical Thinking Co.); Primary Physics: The Principles Behind Leonardo’s Science, by Marti Pels and Andrew Davies (Sunshine Educational)

5. Book with Music/Theatrical

  • Gold: River Song, by Steve Van Zandt with the Banana Slug String Band; Illustrated by Katherine Zecca (Dawn Publications)
  • Silver: Down at the Sea Hotel, by Greg Brown; illustrated by Mireille Levert; performances by various Red House Records artists (The Secret Mountain)
  • Bronze: Grandma’s Feather Bed, by John Denver; adapted and illustrated by Christopher Canyon (Dawn Publications); Beaser the Bear’s Rocky Mountain Christmas, by Patricia Derrick, illustrated by Doug Hoch (Animalations); Simon With Two Left Feet, by Angela K. Narth; illustrations by Heidi Vincent (GWEV Publishing); Heavenly Skies & Lullabies, created and sung by Dr. Kathy Reilly Fallon & Frank Pellegrino; illustrated by Becky Kelly (Heavenly Productions)

6. Audio Book

  • Gold: The One and Only Shrek! by William Steig; read by Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci (Audio Renaissance)
  • Silver: The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Arthur Conan Doyle; read by David Ian Davies (One Voice Recordings)
  • Bronze: The Animated Noom & Raj Start a Business: The ABC’s of Money, created by Eulalie Scandiuzzi; sound design by Nathan Rollins (Moonjar)

7. Picture Book - Preschool

  • Gold: Ashleigh’s Fairies, by Amy and Ashleigh Kieliszewski; illustrated by Twila Jefferson (Ashleigh Marie Books)
  • Silver: Goodnight Hawaiian Moon, by Dr. Carolan; illustrated by Joanna F. Carolan (Banana Patch Press)
  • Bronze: Kiernan’s Jam, by Nancy Delano Moore; illustrated by Bill Peck (Ingledew Press); Barnaby Bennett, by Hannah Rainforth; illustrated by Ali Teo (Huia Publishers)

8. Picture Book - 4-8 Year Old

  • Gold: How the Moon Regained Her Shape, by Janet Ruth Heller; illustrated by Ben Hodson (Sylvan Dell Publishing)
  • Silver: Gwango’s Lonesome Trail, written and illustrated by Justin Parpan (Red Cygnet Press)
  • Bronze: Emily’s Magical Journey with Toothena the Tooth Fairy, by CoraMarie Clark; illustrated by Val Lawton (Strategix Ltd.); Little Angel’s Journey, written and illustrated by Dzvinka Hayda (Trillium Forest Press); Wolf’s Coming! written and illustrated by Joe Kulka (Carolrhoda Books) 
Winners 2007

9. Picture Book - All Ages

  • Gold: Our Friendship Rules, by Peggy Moss and Dee Dee Tardif; illustrated by Alissa Imre Geis (Tilbury House Publishers)
  • Silver: Beyond the Northern Lights, written and illustrated by Lynn Blaikie (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
  • Bronze: Agate: What Good Is a Moose?, by Joy Morgan Dey; illustrated by Nikki Johnson (Lake Superior Port Cities); Once Upon a Rainbow, written and illustrated by Jennifer Woods Tierney (Honey Suckle Press); Ol’ 556: Alaska’s Mighty Steam Engine, written and illustrated by Shannon Cartwright (Shannon/Taku Graphics); Kami and the Yaks, by Andrea Stenn Stryer; illustrated by Bert Dodson (Bay Otter Press)

10. Juvenile Fiction – Early Reader/1st Chapter books

  • Gold: Forever Home, by Sandra J. Philipson; illustrated by Jenny Campbell (Chagrin River Publishing)
  • Silver: Jake and Sam at the Empty Abbey, by Jinny Powers Berten; illustrated by Elizabeth W. Schott (Fountain Square Publishing)
  • Bronze: Send Me the Soap: The Emerald Isle Adventure, by Gretchen Schlesinger (Eco-Thumb Publishing); The Discontented Gopher, by L. Frank Baum; illustrated by Carolyn Digby Conahan (South Dakota State Historical Society Press); Frederick Douglas: Young Defender of Human Rights, by Elisabeth P. Myers; illustrated by Cathy Morrison (Patria Press)

11. Pre-Teen Fiction – Intermediate/Middle Grade

  • Gold: Perch, Mrs. Sackets, and Crow’s Nest, by Karen Pavlicin (Alma Little)
  • Silver: Heroical Storicals: Daniel Boone and the Battle of Boonesborough, by Annie Winston (Sonship Press)
  • Bronze: The Crystal of Dreams, by Paul Greenspan (Flying Cloud Books); Leroy the Cowboy: Children & Horses, by Davis L Ford and Pam Arthur; illustrated by Ken Arthur II (LastCowboy Press); The Gift, written and illustrated by Bob J. Bernreuter (Key West Publishing); The Mysterious Jamestown Suitcase: A Bailey Fish Adventure, by Linda Salisbury (Tabby House); Annie: The Mysterious Morgan Horse, by Ellen F. Feld; illustrated by Jeanne Mellin (Willow Bend Publishing) 
Winners 2007

12. Young Adult Fiction

  • Gold: The Smell of Paint, by Sheryl McFarlane (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
  • Silver: The Alchemist’s Dream, by John Wilson (Key Porter Books)
  • Bronze: Race to Eagle Mountain, by S.M. Schofield (Pleasant Word/Wine Press Group); Kristin’s Wilderness: A Braided Trail, by Garrett Conover (Raven Productions); The Princess Mage, by Maggie L. Wood (Sumach Press)

13. Young Adult Fiction – Mature Issues

  • Gold: The View From a Kite, by Maureen Hull (Vagrant Press/Nimbus Publishing)
  • Silver: Beauty and the Boy, by Steve Hays (Before Christmas Press)
  • Bronze: The Little Black Book for Blue People, by Ruth Theobald Probst (Life Mark)

14. Non-Fiction – Picture book

  • Gold: Autistic Planet, by Jennifer Elder; illustrated by Marc Thomas and Jennifer Elder (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)
  • Silver: The Little Man In the Map: With Clues To Remember All 50 States, by E. Andrew Martonyi; illustrated by Ed Olson (Schoolside Press)
  • Bronze: My Travels with Clara, by Mary Tavener Holmes; illustrated by Jon Cannell (Getty Publications); Adventures with Jonny: Let’s Go Fishing! by Michael DiLorenzo; illustrated by Jenniffer Julich (Running Moose Publications)

15. Non-Fiction - Young Adult

  • Gold: Homeland: The Illustrated History of the State of Israel, by Marv Wolfman, Mario Ruiz & William J. Rubin (Nachshon Press)
  • Silver: It’s Not Your Fault: Discovering Your Inner Power, by Bianca Guerra (Living Life Publishing)
  • Bronze: Live Your Dreams: Doctor’s Orders, by Samuel Gerstein, M.D. (Dreams for Real); Healing Our World: Inside Doctors Without Borders, by David Morley (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)

16. Multicultural – Picture book

  • Gold: Yesterday We Had a Hurricane (Ayer Tuvimos Un Huracán) , written and illustrated by Deirdre McLaughlin Mercier (Bumble Bee Publishing)
  • Silver: Grandma, How Do You Say I Love You? by Uzo Unobagha; illustrated by Victoria Krassa (Adonoke Books)
  • Bronze: Zoe and the Fawn, by Catherine Jameson; illustrated by Julie Flett (Theytus Books); Nokum Is My Teacher, by David Bouchard; illustrated by Allen Sapp (Red Deer Press)

17. Multicultural Fiction

  • Gold: Feast of Lights, by Ellen S. Jaffe (Sumach Press)
  • Silver: Shadows On Society Hill: An Addy Mystery, by Evelyn Coleman (American Girl)
  • Bronze: Rickshaw Girl, by Mitali Perkins; illustrated by Jamie Hogan (Charlesbridge); The Raider’s Promise, by Lois Walfrid Johnson (Moody Publishers) 
Winners 2007

18. Multicultural Non-Fiction

  • Gold: Tatanka and the Lakota People: A Creation Story, illustrated by Donald F. Montileaux (South Dakota State Historical Society Press)
  • Silver: Ray Charles: Find Another Way! by Susan Sloate (Bearport Publishing)
  • Bronze: Native Athletes in Action! by Vincent Schilling (7th Generation); He Who Flies By Night: The Story of Grey Owl, by Lori Punshon; illustrated by Mike Keepness (Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing)

19. Comic/Graphic Novel

  • Gold: The Arrival, by Shaun Tan (Hachette Livre Australia)
  • Silver: Moonsailors, by Buckley Smith (WoodenBoat Books)
  • Bronze: Tomo: I Was an Eighth-Grade Ninja, by Andrew Simmons & Rob Corley; Art by Ariel Padilla (Zondervan)

20. Religion/Spirituality

  • Gold: The Jesus Storybook Bible, by Sally Lloyd-Jones; illustrated by Jago (Zonderkidz)
  • Silver: I Will Rejoice, by Karma Wilson; illustrated by Amy June Bates (Zonderkidz)
  • Bronze: The Bedtime Sh’ma: A Good Night Book, adapted by Sarah Gershman; illustrated by Kristina Swarner (EKS Publishing); The Creation Story: In Words and Sign Language, by John P. Audia; illustrated by David Spohn (Liturgical Press)
Winners 2007

21. Holiday

  • Gold: The Zombie Night Café, by Merrily Kutner; illustrated by Ethan Long (Holiday House)
  • Silver: What Can I Give Jesus? A Christmas Message for All Ages, by Cheryl Kirking; illustrated by Ann Thomas (Mill House Press)
  • Bronze: The Christmas Memory Quilt, by Kimberly Webb; illustrated by Jennifer Gaskin (Leatherwood Press); Christmas at the Zoo: A Pop-Up Winter Wonderland, illustrated by Jason O’Malley; engineered by Bruce Foster (Jumping Jack Press) 

22. Book with Merchandise (plush toy, etc.)

  • Gold: Freckles and the Great Beach Rescue, by Ellen Bryant Lloyd; illustrated by Carol Schwartz (Butterfly Creations)
  • Silver: The Princess Who Picked Her Nose, by Jilly Rebeil; illustrated by Susan Regan (Royal Rebel Publishing)
  • Bronze: The King’s Crown, by Jill LaMere (Minikin Press)

23. Best First Book

  • Gold: Adventures with Jonny: Let’s Go Fishing! by Michael DiLorenzo (Running Moose Publications)
  • Silver: The Birds of the Harbor, by John Italia (Shenanigan Books)
  • Bronze: My Feet Aren’t Ugly, by Debra Beck (Beaufort Books); The Princess Who Picked Her Nose, by Jilly Rebeil (Royal Rebel Publishing); The Royal Woods, by Matt Duggan (Key Porter Books); Don’t Eat the Bluebonnets, by Ellen Leventhal & Ellen Rothberg (Bluebonnets Boots & Books)

24. Best Illustrator

  • Gold: Becky Kelly (Heavenly Skies & Lullabies)
  • Silver: Nikki Johnson (Agate: What Good Is a Moose?)
  • Bronze: Pamela Meacher (Emily’s Enchanted Guardians); Jennifer Woods Tierney (Once Upon a Rainbow); Elena Caravela (The Birds of the Harbor)

Special Moonbeam Awards

These award-winning titles were chosen from the regular contest entries, nominated for their relevance to four special awards categories:

Moonbeam Peacemaker Award

Best book for promoting world peace and human tolerance. Inspired by Mattie J.T. Stepanek (1990-2004), whose poetry and messages of hope and peace have inspired millions of people around the world. Medalists will receive personalized medals and a collection of Mattie’s books will be donated to the school of our gold medalist’s choice.

  • Gold: Soul Sunday: A Family’s Guide to Exploring Faith and Teaching Tolerance, by Carrie Brown-Wolf (TEO Summit Press)
  • Silver: I Dream for You a World: A Covenant for Our Children, by Charisse Carney-Nunes; illustrated by Ann Marie Williams (Brand Nu Words)
  • Bronze: Healing Our World: Inside Doctors Without Borders, by David Morley (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)

Kids for Saving Earth Award

Best book for promoting environmental awareness, inspired by Clinton Hill (1978-1989) who started a worldwide club for kids and instructors interested in protecting the Earth. We’ll donate an assortment of Kids for Saving Earth educational materials, books and posters to a recipient of the gold medalist’s choice:

  • Gold: Wind Bird: Gift of the Mist, by Sarah Stiles Bright; illustrated by Gustav Moore (Maine Lakes Conservancy Institute)
  • Silver: All the Way to the Ocean, by Joel Harper; illustrated by Marq Spusta (Freedom Three)
  • Bronze: No Eat Not Food: The Search for Intelligent Food on Planet Earth, by Rick Sanger; illustrated by Carol Russell (Mountain Path Press)

Childhood Wellness Award

Best book promoting awareness of childhood disease or special needs:

  • Gold: Full Mouse, Empty Mouse: A Tale of Food and Feelings, by Dina Zeckhausen; illustrated by Brian Boyd (American Psychological Assoc./Magination Press)
  • Silver: Playing by the Rules: A Story about Autism, by Dena Fox Luchsinger; illustrated by Julie Olson (Woodbine House)
  • Bronze: All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome, by Kathy Hoopman (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

We have also named three books and their authors/illustrators/publishers the recipients of special Moonbeam Spirit Awards, for their dedicated love of children, books, and literacy. These books were hard to categorize, but impressed our judges with their inspired writing and illustrations, their enthusiasm for words and the printed page, and their compassion for children and humanity. Each will receive a Moonbeam gold medal. They are:

  • Exactly, by students of Wallenberg Traditional High School in conjunction with 826 Valencia
  • Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings, by Ellen McVicker; illustrated by Nanci Hersh
  • Love Letters, by Lenore Rowntree

Congratulations to all entrants for their great work and for supporting the 1st Annual Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

Presented by Jenkins Group and Independent Publisher Online, The Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards are intended to bring increased recognition to exemplary children’s books and their creators, and to support childhood literacy and life-long reading.

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