Celebrating Youthful Curiosity and Discovery Through Books and Reading

29. Religion

GOLD: Everyone Belongs, by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops; illustrated by Kristin Sorra (Loyola Press)

SILVER: Good Night, Fireflies, by Janet L. Christensen; illustrated by Francesca Pesci (Little Lamb Books)

BRONZE: When God Made Color, by Sheri Carmon; illustrated by Silver Bluebird Studios (WhiteSpark Publishing)






30. Holiday

GOLD: The Night of His Birth, by Katherine Paterson; illustrated by Lisa Aisato (Flyaway Books)

SILVER: 'Twas the Night Before ChristMOOSE, by Vicki Addesso Dodd; illustrated by Patrick Jankowski (Saratoga Springs Publishing)

BRONZE:  The Pumpkin Room, by Mark Milbrath (Nightforest Press)







31. Book with Merchandise (plush toy, etc.)

GOLD: Wizard Pickles (with plush King Pickle), written and illustrated by Chuck Whelan (Golden Bell’s Polar Press) 

SILVER: Bella Sophia: A Mermaid’s Tale (with Jewelry Box, Necklace, and Lunch Bag), by Maxine Carlson; illustrated by Drew McSherry (Huckleberry Hill Adventure)

BRONZE: Kitty and Kat: BatButts (with Book Bag), by Robert Beals III; illustrated by Blueberry Illustrations (Self-Published)






32. Spanish Language Book

GOLD: El secreto de las piedras, by Anya Damirón; illustrated by Pablo Pino (Anya) 

SILVER: Ricky Ricordi: Las aventuras de una iguana, by Nelia Barletta; Illustrated by Juan Manuel Moreno (Fundación Ambar)

BRONZE: Mei Ling en la Ciudad China: Divididas por la guerra, unidas por toda una vida de cartas, by Icy Smith; Illustrated by Gayle Garner Roski (East West Discovery Press)





33. Environmental Issues

GOLD: Pogo the Porpoise with a Purpose, by Lorie Givens (Buck Stop Publishing)

SILVER: See the Sea, by Alese & Morton Pechter (Pechter Photo)

BRONZE: The Krayon Kids: Going Green, by Karen Marquez Morales (Mascot Books)







34. Health Issues

GOLD: Your Body, Sick and Well: How Do You Know?, by Steven Clark Cunningham, M.D.; illustrated by Susan Detwiler (Three Conditions Press)

SILVER: Surgery on Sunday, by Kat Harrison; illustrated by Shane Crampton (Warren Publishing)

BRONZE: Little Miss Linda Speaks Out about Sickle Cell Disease, by Dr, Linda J.M. Holloway; illustrated by Ryan Battle (Self-Published)



35. Mind-Body-Spirit/Self-Esteem

GOLD: Crushes: Dating, Rejection, and Other Stuff, by Nancy Holyoke; illustrated by Elisa Chavarri (American Girl)


SILVER: Spirit Child, by Laura Thomas Vroman; illustrated by Jane Delaford Taylor (Seven Hills Publishing)

BRONZE: What Do You See When You Look At Me?, by Indigo Skye; illustrated by Jeanine Henning (Indigo Skye Books)








36. Best First Book – Picture Book

GOLD: Home: A Story of Resilience and Healing, by Carrie Barnes; illustrated by Lyn Meredith (Roundtree Press)

SILVER (tie): Eowyn, Your Song Is Your Story, by Kam Walters; illustrated byJaimee Walters (TRANS(form)ed Press)

Happy Love Sprinkles, by Maria DiCostanzo and Kim Messina; illustrated by Aleksandra Szmidt (Moon Crumbs Publishing)


BRONZE: My Moon Wish, Written and illustrated by Jane Brown (Butler Books)


37. Best First Book – Chapter Book

GOLD: Simone Lafray and the Chocolatiers' Ball, by S.P. O'Farrell (Brandylane Publishers)

SILVER: Ever Alice, by HJ Ramsay (Red Rogue Press)

BRONZE: Mia, Ripples in the Water, by D. A. Jennings (Self-Published)


38. Best Book by Youth Author (under 18)

GOLD: The Wishner's Curse, by Camille S. Campbell (Time Together Publishing)


SILVER: Where Is My Teacher?, by Dalal Ghanim Al-Rumaihi; Illustrated by Nikos Yanopulos (Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press)


BRONZE: Quacky Smacky & Tacky, by John Browne; illustrated by Alan Tollefson (Browne+Browne Books)





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